Mental Notes was founded in Australia, and our team each have a history in Australia. Our current Australian psychologists work from the Queensland Sports Medicine Centre located in the heart of Brisbane at the iconic Gabba Cricket Ground. The region is considered the sporting centre of Queensland, which means athletes from a large range of sports, such as golf, swimming, triathlon, rowing, netball, tennis, rugby, soccer, AFL, as well as horse racing, turn to Mental Notes for assistance with their mindset and performance objectives.

Having such close proximity to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast also means there is flexibility for a broader number of teams and individuals to work with us. As well as consulting in person, it’s also possible to arrange virtual meetings, via Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime with people all over this large country!

About Mental Notes

High performing individuals are people first and foremost. Achievement goals aside, it’s important to us that we connect with the individual, and understand what motivates them in life. We’re about developing healthy high achievers. People who understand themselves and how to get the best out of themselves, whether it’s in or out of the arena.

The ways we work


One-on-one means we completely focus on you and your personal goals.

Part of your team

As a part of your team we are focused on maximising focus and effort of the group towards a common goal.

In front of the room

We regularly provide workshops and presentations on a range of psychological skills and characteristics. Schools, training squads, sporting organisations and work groups benefit from the sessions.


Mental note:

Get back on track.
Change behaviours and be better.