High performing individuals are people first and foremost. Achievement of goals aside, it’s important to us that we connect with the individual, and understand what motivates them in life. We’re about developing healthy high achievers. People who understand themselves and how to get the best out of themselves, whether it’s in or out of the arena.

Mental note:

It’s a state of mind.
Andrea Furst Dr Andrea Furst
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We regard confidentiality with the utmost respect.
The people we have experienced working with know who they are, and we revere working with them. This is not the place to showcase who they are, although we will mention that as well as individuals, we work with groups and teams. Here are a few of the organisations we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

While we don’t reveal who we work with here, we love that our family of clients have contributed their introspective cues, personal affirmations, reminder notes, or trigger messages towards our branding. Where you see a handwritten ‘mental note’ as a part of our brand, this is a high-performing individuals’ inner thought. We appreciate every contribution. The way we work is unique. These individuals know it well, and are the embodiment of the successful Mental Notes brand we love so much.

A few of the organisations we’re currently working with

Mental note:

Get back on track.
Change behaviours and be better.