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How Can I Stay Focused During Competition?

Maintaining focus during a competition can be assisted by having a clear competition plan. For example, a competition plan for a triathlete may involve the desired behaviours and thoughts during the morning of the race as well as at different parts of the race, including how you want to race the course. Competition plans provide a template of how you want things to pan out and provide good directions for your behaviours, thoughts, and feelings. It is easier to stay ‘on-track’ when you have something to focus that you are trying to do!

If you loose your focus during competition, getting back ‘on-track’ relies on an awareness of the fact that you are not behaving, thinking, and/or feeling the way you want to at that point in your plan. Once you can detect when you are away from where you want to be, then you can integrate strategies that will help direct yourself back to the desired focus.