I’m Hunting for the Ideal Athlete…

We often get asked what sort of people make ideal clients, so here goes…

You would contact me because you are wanting to optimise your mind’s contribution to your sports performance and make sure your training transfers to competition.

We’ll work well together if you’re someone who wants to get better, who likes to challenge themselves, and is open to being challenged by someone else with the intention of helping you to get better.

A love of learning is a key part of this working relationship, so if you crave seeing just how good you can be, we’ll work well together.

Human performance is not an exact science so you’ll need to appreciate that we’ll be trying certain techniques and strategies to see if they help your performance.  In doing this training becomes the most important part of working out if something is likely to succeed in completion under pressure.  It’s no surprise then that your attitude towards training will need to be one of respect giving it the credit it deserves to best prepare you.

Competitors with some fire in their belly work well with me as the desire to win provides a great base for fine-tuning how we work on the ways to win.  In saying this, the way to win will get way more attention in your conversations and thoughts if you’re really going to work collaboratively with me.

Another quality that I look for in a client is a sense of humour as we also want to have some fun together as we aim to get you as good as you possibly can be…

If this sounds like you and you’re after a sport psychologist to work with we could make a good match!

Andrea Furst PhD | Sport & Exercise Psychologist CPsychol HCPC Registered
Get in contact with Andrea – andrea@mentalnotesconsulting.com.  Andrea is based in London and provides both face-to-face and virtual sport psychology services to athletes worldwide.