Keep a Training Diary to Build Self-Confidence

We spend most of our time working with individuals and teams and we’ve learnt that keeping a training diary is a sure way to build self-confidence.

Our team developed a training diary to assist with improving the quality of training and competitive performances.

The Mental Notes Training Diary is an essential tool for anyone who wants to gain the most they can, both physically and mentally, from their training.

We have been getting some enquiries about the features of our Training Diary so we’ve updated the shop with more details.  Here are the greatest hits for its features…

Mental Notes Training Diary features:

  • No set dates.  No wasted pages. Start it whenever you like and use it for whatever time period you like.
  • It consists of the equivalent of 12 months worth of training and competition entries.
  • Annual Goal Setting kicks off the Training Diary with references to these goals throughout in the 12 Monthly Goal Setting & Record pages.
  • Draw your own ‘mud map’ for the year ahead with the Competition & Training Planner.
  • Each week has 4 pages whereby the first page has Monday/Tuesday, the second page has Wednesday/Thursday, the third page has Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and the fourth page has a Weekly Review.
  • Ample space to record multiple training sessions each day.  Each weekday has space for 3 sessions, Saturday has space for 2 sessions, and Sunday has space for 1 session.
  • Includes vital Weekly Review to describe what happened in the week, total the amount of hours/kms etc, and then a review of what went well, what needs work, and what you will do about it.
  • Filled with inspirational quotes and images as well as room for ContactsNotes, and Reminders.
  • Dimensions: Approx. A5 (H: 21.2cm x W: 16.5cm x D: 2.2cm).
  • Held together with strong white plastic rings so that each page can be turned over and written on easily.  No difficult-to-write-on pages.

If you want a sneak preview of the Mental Notes Training Diary, you can check out the FREE SAMPLE.

If you’re serious about building your self-confidence then using a Mental Notes Training Diary is one way to help you do just that by…

  1. Tracking progress and improvements in your skills through your training and competition;
  2. Reviewing training and competition performances as a tool for analysis and continual improvement;
  3. Identifying and solving problems as they begin to arise rather than after the fact when they become bigger concerns; and
  4. Building self-confidence through recognition of consistent progress and good performances.

As we approach the last three months of 2015 we are offering people the chance to buy our Training Diary for a reduced price of AUD$25 on our online shop.

Head to our shop to select the quantity.  Once you’re in the cart you will see a box on the left-hand side of the cart where you can write training matters and click on Apply Coupon, which will adjust the price to reflect AUD$25 per Mental Notes Training Diary.

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