Key tips for responding to COVID-19

1. Focus on what you can control

All of us will eventually deal with the effects of COVID-19 in some form, whether that be the illness itself or the disruption it has caused on society. When we are faced with this kind of event, it is natural to experience fear and anxiety. They are normal responses to abnormal events, and we can get lost in worrying about many different factors. Getting lost in these worries are typically not helpful, and cause even more unwanted distress as they are often outside of our control.

The single most useful thing you can do is focus on what is inside your control. What is typically within our control is how we behave and what we do. What do you need to do to manage yourself? What is important for you right here and right now?

Try and maintain a daily routine despite changes that may have occurred. It is important that we maintain some structure in our lives. Having a daily routine helps us focus on what is inside of our control, despite the uncertainty that may be happening around us. Take control of what we can, rather than getting caught up in what we can’t.


2. Engage in meaningful activities despite being at home

Although it can be hard with the uncertainty of what is going on, continuing to maintain engagement in meaningful activities is key. If you are in isolation, read that book you have wanted to catch up on, explore what matters to you, stay up to date with an exercise regime, play a board game with the friends or family, or cook your favourite meals (if the ingredients are available!). Problem solve ways you can still stay engaged, albeit in a different way.


3. Physical distancing rather than social distancing/isolation

Remember that the guidelines are about keeping physical distance, not social distance. We live in a
time where we have access to everyone no matter where they are. FaceTime your friends and family,
send messages to each other, and chat regularly. Stay connected and lean on your support networks.


4. Seek professional support

As discussed above, the nature of COVID-19 can cause a great deal of anxiety, stress, and panic for people, which is a normal response to something like this. Psychological services are typically equipped to see people over online platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

At Mental Notes we have been using these services for a number of years to work with our remote clients and those that live or are travelling interstate or overseas. We are more than happy to work with you throughout this difficult time. If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact us.