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Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body Dr Andrea Furst

August 13th, 2015

Train your brain like you train your body. This is not a new piece of advice nor is it particularly sexy, but it has merit when it comes to getting your brain ready to perform when it counts. However, training your brain is something to avoid getting blazé about given the increasing body of knowledge […]

Look After Your Brain Through Talking Dr Andrea Furst

June 28th, 2015

There’s been a lot of commentary in the media recently about the lack of support that elite athletes receive when it comes to their mental health.  At Mental Notes Consulting, we are, and have always been passionate about athlete health and wellbeing alongside their performance. Part of our role in working with athletes and their […]

Performance Routines: Take charge of what you can  Dr Andrea Furst

May 28th, 2015

Performance routines are prevalent in high performance arenas, and in particular elite sport. You’ll often hear athletes refer to their rituals, superstitions, or lucky charms… “I keep a lucky red rag in my pocket when I bat, which has been a good luck charm for a few years.” – Steve Waugh Simply put, athletes often integrate […]

Psychological Recovery: Giving back to keep your mind sharp Dr Andrea Furst

April 19th, 2015

As many elite athletes are preparing to peak at international competitions in the Northern Hemisphere it’s a valuable time to reflect on how much time is being dedicated to psychological recovery as you prepare to perform when it counts… It’s becoming an increasingly important aspect of elite athlete training and preparation as we ask more […]

Breathing Matters Dr Andrea Furst

February 19th, 2015

I’ve been meaning to write about breathing since September last year when I co-delivered a workshop at the World Scientific Congress of Golf with the superbly talented Rachel Vickery from Breathing & Performance. I’ve always had a strong interest in psychophysiology however since working more closely with Rachel it’s strengthened because I can see the results […]

To Measure or Not to Measure: Using psychological assessment in sport Dr Andrea Furst

December 5th, 2014

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I attended The Sport Performance Summit in mid November in London.  One of the workshops that I attended focused on the relevance and use of psychological assessments in sport. Whilst there is definitely not a ‘one size fits all approach’ it’s worth debating the use and relevance of psychological […]

Articulate Value-Driven Behaviours for Elite Team Performance Dr Andrea Furst

November 16th, 2014

I attended The Sport Performance Summit in London at the Emirates Stadium last week and over the two days there were many pieces of information that have stimulated new thought and action as well as information that consolidated our current thought and action. Many of the attendees and content presenters were members of the ‘team […]

Support Required! Dr Andrea Furst

November 2nd, 2014

Not enough has been written by those in the sports industry (me included) about the support that is required for all of us who support the athletes to perform at their best on and off the track.  Sport psychologists tend to work primarily with the athlete directly, and therefore the marketing of sport psychology services […]

Lessons from Hector Dr Andrea Furst

August 18th, 2014

Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord is a funny, insightful, and interesting read for those who enjoy stepping back and becoming a spectator of life’s nuances. I loved reading The Little Prince and The Alchemist, so it was no surprise to find myself smiling and nodding as I made my way through […]

London Gets Sport Psyched Twice Dr Andrea Furst

August 1st, 2014

We are excited to share that we are now open for individual sport psychology consultations at two locations in central London! I am the sport psychologist leading the charges in London and it’s fair to say that I work best with serious athletes who are  genuinely interested in maximising their performance.  In short, I work best […]