‘Good Sport’ – The book about supporting young athletes – Out now!

Are you a parent who wants to be a part of their child’s sport journey, no matter how far they go? Do you sometimes feel just as frustrated as your young athlete with the debrief during the journey home after the game? Perhaps you struggle to find the right words to say – or sometimes not to say – to your child, so have resorted to saying nothing at all.

This generation can be highly resistant to advice and direction from their supporters. Young athletes want to be empowered to think for themselves during the game and adapt quickly on their own. How can you ensure you are guiding and supporting, without being overly instructive or becoming the ‘pushed-out’ parent?

Dr Jay-Lee Nair has the answers. This book will help you learn how best to support and talk to your child not just before, but during, and after the game.



This book is for parents, coaches and teachers who want to help their young athletes thrive in competitive environments – whether they are just starting out or competing at an elite level.

You will love chapters such as, The Car Ride Home or The Perfectionist Athlete and Perfectionist Parent.

It is for those who believe in the power sport has to positively shape children into exceptional adults – and athletes – while preventing anxiety and pressure in the sport journey.




I wanted to thank you… I love your book and it’s messages. My husband is a former pro tennis player and my two sons are all about sports. I recognise our lives in every line you wrote. Thank you again.

The Sports Mum – Melodie


“Sport governing bodies and coach accreditation program directors worldwide should consider it as compulsory reading. Easily the best in its genre, this book represents a welcome and timely antidote to results-outcome driven processes, particularly when competitive age ranges are getting younger.”

Dr Sandy Gordon, Sport Psychologist, Performance Perspectives International 


“This book offered me so many ah-ha moment of experiences I have had coaching athletes through a variety of sports. It is one of the most important coaching books I have read. With practical tools to implement, it has become my go-to resource for the mental skills side of coaching.”

Kirsten Norden, Swimnastics QLD, Founder & Coach