Options to see us under Telehealth

As you may recall, last week we released an article outlining our virtual options in the face of COVID-19. The government has just released further Medicare funding to support Telehealth opportunities for clients. So, we thought we would outline your options regarding Telehealth services.


Mental Health Care Plans – COVID-19 Items

The government has released new Medicare items to accommodate the COVID-19 situation to allow people to continue to seek help while adhering to government sanctions. Previously, only people in rural areas could access a Medicare rebate for Telehealth sessions with a Psychologist. If you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan, you can access Medicare rebated sessions with us, as normal.

All of our team at Mental Notes want to do our bit to help the community throughout this difficult time. We do not normally offer bulk-billed appointments, but to do our part we are open to bulk-billing anyone whose performance, either in sport, work, or life has been impacted as a result of COVID-19. Please make contact with us today to organise your Telehealth appointment!

To gain access, you will need a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your treating Doctor so we can claim your Medicare rebate. You will also need to have a valid Mental Health diagnosis assessed by your GP to access a MHCP.


Paying privately

There are no additional fees when utilising Telehealth consults for private paying clients. It is business as usual! The only difference is that we are not in the same room.


Private Health

Thanks to ongoing conversations our governing body has had with health funds, most private health funds are now comfortable providing cover for Telehealth sessions. Like with most situations, you will need to confirm with your individual provider that they are willing to cover Telehealth consults and that your coverage includes Psychology.


Insurance agencies

Most insurance agencies, such as WorkCover QLD or CTP insurers, are open to funding Telehealth consultations. It will need to be confirmed with your provider before the first session to make sure they are willing to cover the consultation.

If you have any further questions on fees and options for accessing Telehealth consultations, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We are happy to assist in any way to ensure we are able to continue, or start, our work together.


Now that you know your options, why not make time in our diaries to catch up and continue, or start, our work together.